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Mr Rohit Sharma

Principal Consultant


Ms Kuldeep Kaur
Student Counsellor

About Us

Mr. Rohit Sharma – Principal Consultant at Migration Star

Mr. Rohit Sharma is a seasoned professional and a registered Migration Agent (MARA) with an impressive track record spanning over a decade. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field, he stands as the driving force behind Migration Star, a consultancy firm committed to guiding individuals through the intricacies of the Australian migration and education systems.

Having personally navigated the challenges of student life in Australia and the migration process, Mr. Sharma brings a unique perspective to his role. His firsthand experience not only instills empathy but also positions him as a reliable mentor for those embarking on similar journeys. His personal encounters with the complexities of the system fuel his dedication to ensuring that each client’s experience is seamless and successful.

Under Mr. Sharma’s leadership, Migration Star has established itself as a go-to resource for individuals seeking guidance in education and migration matters. The consultancy firm is distinguished by its commitment to understanding and addressing the diverse needs of its clientele.

One of the hallmarks of Migration Star is its multilingual platform, a testament to Mr. Sharma’s commitment to inclusivity. Clients are welcome to discuss their cases in English, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Punjabi, ensuring that language is never a barrier to receiving expert advice. This dedication to linguistic diversity reflects Mr. Sharma’s belief that effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful client-consultant relationship.

The friendly team of experts at Migration Star, led by Mr. Rohit Sharma, is equipped to handle a spectrum of education and migration needs. Their holistic approach, coupled with a client-centric ethos, distinguishes Migration Star as a reliable partner in the pursuit of academic and migratory goals in Australia.

In summary, Mr. Rohit Sharma’s journey, from a student in Australia to a seasoned Principal Consultant, exemplifies his commitment to helping others navigate the complexities of migration and education. Under his leadership, Migration Star continues to be a beacon of support and guidance for individuals aspiring to achieve success in the Australian landscape

Kuldeep is a highly dedicated and experienced Student Counsellor here at Migration Star. With a genuine passion for assisting students, she goes above and beyond to ensure that they receive the best guidance and support throughout their educational journey by understanding each student’s unique goals and aspirations in order for them to achieve success.

With her extensive knowledge of colleges and universities, Kuldeep helps students make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the right institution for their future, guiding students through the process of gathering and organizing the necessary documents, including Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), helping students prepare for GTE interviews.


Over 10 years collective experience

Accredited Migration Agents (MARA)

Our Team Have Personal Immigration Experience

Why Choose Us

Australian immigration issues can be complex and time consuming. We provide a stress-free solution for all your migration and educational needs. As members of the Migration Institute of Australia and MARA registered Migration Agents, we take our professional and ethical obligations to our clients seriously and becoming the top class Agent For Australia Work Visas.


With over 10 years of collective experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the Australian immigration system and its regulations.


Every member of our team has personal experience immigrating to Australia either for themselves or a loved one.  You can trust that we understand the challenges and the impact it can have on you and your loved ones.


We currently have a 97% or higher success rate for all of our visa applications.  We leave no stone unturned and explore every option. We spot difficulties before they happen, and ask the questions that you don’t know to ask.

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Migration to Australia is now made easy with Migration Star

Australia is a country that has a positive reputation for its welcoming and multicultural society. It has seen a huge influx of migrants from all around the world in recent years. Australia has been successful in attracting migrants from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It is estimated that there will be over 14 million people migrating to Australia in the next 20 years, especially with the government actively encouraging migrants to settle down in the country.

However, while there is no doubt about the opportunities available to migrants in Australia, especially those who are skilled professionals, getting that Australia Immigration Visa can be tricky. It is crucial that one connects with Australia Immigration Consultants to help them out. And for that, one could not make a better decision than Migration Star.

Migration Star is the leading Australia Immigration consultancy that one can connect with. From immigration to student visa, we provide a wide range of services to our clients and ensure their visa application gets approved on their first attempt. With Migration Star – the leading agency for Australia Visa, you are assured of satisfactory results.

Migration Star – Australia Migration Consultancy with a difference

The Migration Star Group is a leading education and migration agency headquartered in Brisbane. Our consultants are professionals with over ten years of experience and are Registered Migration Agents and PIER certified.

Professionalism- Professional Migration Services

Our team of consultants is all experienced Registered Migration Agents or PIER certified. We work closely with state and federal government agencies to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. Our staff speaks multiple languages to ensure that our clients would not have any issues connecting with their Australia Agent for Visa. So we are leading Professional Migration Services Provider in Australia.

Experience counts

Clients will find that we have over ten years of experience in helping them with the finest Australia Migration services, with an office based in Brisbane as well as offices operating in several cities around the world. Our Visa Migration services in Australia are among the best in the field, and you are assured of satisfactory results with us. Our team of experts provides personalized immigration advice that keeps you informed on all aspects of migration to Australia.

Wide range of services

We offer an extensive list of professional Australia Migration services to our clients, including Australian Immigration Law service as well. With Migration Star, you would not have to search for any other migration consultant in Australia.

We are not just a service provider; we are your partner

As the leading education and migration specialists, we leverage our expertise and knowledge to provide you with services that will keep your business running smoothly. From visa immigration to employment, we offer complete solutions with our professional Migration Services. Our experienced team of professionals is highly experienced and counted among the best in the field so you can rely on our expertise.